I am Aditi, a CELTA certified English teacher from Stafford House London and an English Post Graduate from the University of Leeds. I am currently working as an EFL teacher at English Path, Leeds where I have taught hundreds of students both children and adults from different ethnicities and cultures. I have taught students raging from Beginner to Advanced level.

Now enough about me! Let me brief you about the classes I will conduct and what you should expect from the class:

Let’s say the topic is Business Meetings

Step 1:

I will ask you a few questions about the topic


How will you open a business meeting?

How will you introduce yourself to an important client?

How Will you facilitate a discusión between employees?

You will answer the questions

Step 2:

In step 2 your grammatical, pronunciation or structural mistakes will be corrected.

You will be provided new vocabularies, phrases ans sentences to improve and enhance your language

I will provide you with different tasks, listening audios and articles to improve the level of the language .

Step 3:

We speak again and practice practice practice the new language learnt!

My teaching methodology is simple and has proved to be effective amongst my students. I focus specifically on practical applications and real-life language. I like my classes to be light and fun rather than stressful. I have taught Business English to hundreds of students and have provided CPD lessons to Spanish teachers wanting to start teaching their subject in English.

So enough said! Are you ready to finally impress your clients at the next Business meeting?!

See you ????

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