This course, designed as a toolbox for English teachers (and other teachers that might find the content useful for other areas) will help the trainees have a wide range of tools (some technological and some methodological) to teach more engaging classes. The techniques that will be shared range from micro-activities that will help students enjoy reading or writing, to personalization and group dynamics to make students more connected with the learning process.

The trainees will have to prepare some examples of the different tools for using them in their own realities. Then, they will share some of these examples so each of them leaves the course with a good portfolio of ready-to-use materials.


Overall objectives of the course:

  1. To know a wide range of methods, tools and techniques to have a better classroom management.
  2. To teach in a more engaging and effective way.
  3. To use technology to support the teaching-learning process.
  4. To be more competent in the use of the oral English, doing so in a fluent way and to being able to show it both in classroomrelated activities and in communicative ones.Course outline / Contents:
  • Personalization for increasing motivation and engagement.
  • Analysis of need to plan better and more effective lessons.
  • Flipped-classroom and other classroom dynamics to make teaching more meaningful.
  • Tools, techniques and games to improve reading and writing.
  • Soft Sills and effective classroom dynamics.

Course evaluation

The trainees will have to show an active participation throughout all the course, as the activities have been designed to be active and collaborative. Through this collaboration, they will have to apply the different tools and techniques in hypothetical scenarios. They will have to present these to the rest of the trainees. This way, they will leave with several sample tools.

Every session there will be a part for reflection, as assessment for learning is one key element in any good teaching. This process will help the trainees interiorize everything dealt with throughout that day.

This course has been designed as a Task-Based Learning experience, with a lot of group work and dealing with non-linguistic content; this way, the improvement of the language will be more effective, according to the latest theories (Krashen, Ellis, etc.).


The course will be practical. We will work from the examples and we expect the trainees to do an effort outside of the training course and reflect upon the activities we develop in the class so they can understand the theories and techniques behind the examples we will have experienced.

Price of the course:


*10% discount for 3 or more teachers from the same school.