My name is Keith, and please allow me to introduce myself. First off, I have 20 years of experience in the education field, including teaching classes, tutoring one-on-one, training new and current employees, as well curriculum creation. About nine years ago I took my expertise in teaching and management and went on to found CELT English, a company focused on corporate business training, international relations, and IELTS. 

Prior to my teaching career I spent eight years working in the hospitality industry as a Front-of-House Manager in a 4-star hotel in the city centre of Glasgow, Scotland. There, I was responsible for the training and management of a department of 20 staff. During this time, I created Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and training manuals for the department, as well as brochures for guests. I also had a hand in Human Resources assisting with hiring and incoming procedures for new staff. Furthermore, I dealt with accounting issues, including yield management, and negotiating my department’s annual budget. 

Yet another role I undertook was working in the Petro-Chemical and Mining Industry as a travelling NDT inspector for two years. I was qualified to level 2 in MT, PT & UT disciplines and was often sent to work 3rd party as a UT specialist. 

All of these roles have given me the great pleasure of working with people from all over the world, granting me a deeper understanding of their culture and languages. I look forward to meeting you so we can continue to learn and grow from one another!

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